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The idea of renting out your second house as a place for people to use on their holiday is a market that is growing rapidly around the world.

In the UK the property is typically called a Holiday Home, and couples, families or groups will often find holiday homes as more convenient and better priced alternative to the staying in hotels or B&B's.

In the US they are typically referred to as vacation rentals, where these second homes account for around 3.1% of the country's total housing stock.

Holiday homes in Australia are termed most commonly holiday house, holiday home or weekender (owing to short breaks by families). And in New Zealand holiday homes go by the more unusual name of Bach or Crib.

In the UK holiday homes are significantly more frequent in the South West of England, with Cornwall, Devon and Dorset having over 50,000 available holiday homes combined. Cumbria and North Yorkshire also have a high proportion of holiday homes owing to their close proximity with the Lake District National Park.