Holiday Homes in Scotland

Holiday Homes in Scotland
Scotland, in the very north of the United Kingdom, is regarded as one of the most spectacular regions in the British Isles. Holiday homes in Scotland are a perfect way to experience the incredible natural beauty that Scotland has to offer.

With over 35,000 holiday homes in Scotland accounting for approximately 1.5% of Scotlands total housing, there is plenty on offer for couples, families or groups looking for a broad range of experiences.

Much of the growth in Scotland's holiday homes over the past 10 years have been in the urban areas of Edinburgh and Aberdeen, where increasingly popular events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival see the areas enjoy high levels of return visitors year after year. As a result demand for holiday homes in Edinburgh can be very high around the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, making it advisable to book you holiday home in Edinburgh with plenty for notice.

That said, the majority of holiday homes in Scotland are found in rural areas, especially in the remote rural areas and islands, such as the Northern Isles and Hebrides.

Scotland is blessed with natural beauty that some say is similar to the dramatic beauty of New Zealand's South Island. It is divided up commonly by it's Highlands and Islands, Grampian Mountains, Central Lowlands where Edinburgh is located, and Southern Uplands which shares it's southern boarder with Scottland's neighbour England.

One thing that Scotland is noted for...cold weather!!! That's not unexpected given the fact that Scotland sits higher on the earth than much of Canada. If you're hoping for sunshine and warmth on your holidays in Scotland you may want to look for a holiday home near Tiree, one of the sunniest places in Scotland.

In summary, Scotland is undoubtedly a wonderful country full of memorable things to see and do, and a holiday home in Scotland is without question a great way of enjoying the country.

Attractions in Scotland

  1. Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  2. St Andrews Golf Course
  3. National Library of Scotland
  4. Cairngorm moutains
  5. The Wallace Monument
  6. Loch Ness
  7. Edinburgh Castle
  8. Melrose Abbey
  9. Glencoe
  10. Stirling Castle
Holiday Homes in Edinburgh
Holiday Homes in Scotland - Melrose Abbey

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