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What is HolidayHomes?

HolidayHomes is a travel search engine for holiday rentals, hotels, and flights. We collect information from hundreds of different travel sites to make your holiday planning as smooth and easy as possible!

What do you mean that HolidayHomes is a travel search engine?

We aggregate hundreds of travel sites in order to help you compare and save money on your holiday rental, hotel and flight for your next holiday. We know that holiday planning can take hours out of your busy day - we created HolidayHomes so that it could be a one-stop shop for planning your next holiday.
Simply type in your destination and desired travel period and we’ll give you the results that match your needs exactly.

What types of accommodation can I find on HolidayHomes?

HolidayHomes offers you millions of options for holiday rentals and hotels from all around the world. In terms of holiday rentals, we’ve got it all - from beachfront properties in Mallorca to apartments in the heart of Manhattan to villas in Italy’s wine country.

Is HolidayHomes free?

Absolutely - it’s totally free of charge to use HolidayHomes to book your next holiday rental, hotel, or flight!

I need to change or cancel my reservation made through HolidayHomes. How do I do this?

To change or cancel your reservation, you'll need to directly contact the provider with whom you made the reservation. To find out who your provider is, please check the confirmation e-mail you received from the website where you made your reservation.

Can I book a flight for another person?

If you want to pay for someone else's flight, you can definitely do that. However, please make sure that when you enter the passenger details that the name matches the traveller's ID exactly. Many airlines charge a hefty fee if any information needs to be edited after the ticket has been booked.

Will I receive a confirmation from HolidayHomes after booking?

Because HolidayHomes is a search engine, you will receive a confirmation from the partner website where you made your booking. We simply provide you with a state-of-the-art tool to search hundreds of holiday rental, hotel, and flight websites at once. If you can’t find your confirmation, please contact the partner website with whom you made the booking.

What is HolidayHomes’ refund policy?

Because HolidayHomes is a search engine, we don't have a refund policy - please reach out directly to the provider with whom you made the travel reservation. If you’re not sure who the provider is, please check your inbox for a confirmation e-mail from the partner.

When I click upon a travel deal, I see the price has increased - why does this happen?

Because we're searching hundreds of other travel sites at once, there may be accuracy issues with the information we're receiving from those sites. It could be that the site isn't updating their inventory with us, has given us the wrong path or another traveller has booked the last available offer.